The portraits are painted in oil on canvas or wood and aim to capture a person at a stage in their life. I work from photographs that I take at a session in my studio. I would like to acheive something more general than a snapshot.

For fees and turnaround times, please call me at 646 465 0799 or email


Initially we will talk about the client’s wishes and expectations. Details such as the size of the portrait, the degree of formality, the desired expression, the background and clothing are discussed and the fee is agreed upon.

As I work from photographs, I will take a number of pictures either in my studio or, if the client wishes, in a desired setting. I will preselect the photographs that are best suited and a final choice is made in consultation with the client.

The time frame of painting the portrait is usually two to three months.

Fees depend on the complexity of the painting (head and shoulders, three quarter figure, full figure, inclusion of hands, complexity of the background).

Please email with any questions or call me at 646 465 0799.