Rent or lease art. Starting at $30/month
a bank
a dentist's office
Deutsche Telecom
This is how works:

We will come to your office for a free consultation. On a second visit, we suggest the paintings best suited for your situation and hang the artwork you choose right then.

Starting at $30/ month, the monthly rent is 2% of the sales price of the painting. The minimum rental period is one year. Unless canceled, the rental agreement will automatically be extended on a month to month basis with one month notice.

All paintings are for sale. If at any point during a rental term you decide to buy the painting, first year of paid rental fees are applied towards the purchase price.

A leasing option is available too: Lease the artwork for 24 month at 4%, then buy for 15%.

If you are interested or have any questions, please use our contact form or write to info(at) .

some currently available paintings:                                                                                       click here to see more paintings
a101   24"x 72 "   $3,000   $60/month
a175   66"x 132"   $6,300   $126/month
a96   24"x 24"   $1,500   $30/month
a109   30"x 90"    $3,750   $75/month
Nathanael Church
a169   30"x 60"   $2,800   $56/month
click here to see more paintings
 646 465 0799          info(at)
a168   24"x 48"   $2,250   $45/month